Sales & Marketing

The Marketing industry is one which has evolved and grown tremendously over the last few decades. Marketing is a crucial area for businesses, large or small. A business may have the most revolutionary product or service at their fingertips, but if it is not marketed optimally, how will consumers know about it? Marketing also provides businesses an opportunity to understand what kind of goods and services their customers are looking for.

Marketing is a growing field and with the popularity of social media and the internet, businesses need to have effective, competitive promotional campaigns (both online and offline) in order for their business to survive and thrive. The Careers on Alison section presents an overview of the many career prospects in the Marketing industry, and allows job seekers to find a job that matches their skills and experience. This industry provides career paths in areas such as marketing communications, marketing management, marketing research, professional sales and merchandising. Occupations in the Marketing industry can range from internet marketing positions for a Facebook page to more traditional marketing jobs like radio marketing.

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