Quản trị kinh doanh

From major corporations to independent businesses, every operation needs skilled business managers and administrators to succeed. Knowing how to deal with stress, remain calm and keep the business running smoothly is crucial to any organization’s success, no matter how small or large, local or global. Advance your knowledge and skills by studying organizational leadership, people management and strategic planning courses.

Depending on the type of business you enter, there may be additional certifications to earn. In business, day-to-day operations are as important as long-term planning for the future. Careers in business use information technology, leadership dynamics, ethics and increasingly, international relationships. Many top business executives kickstart their careers working in office administration, hospitality, retail, sales and operations management. Business managers and administrators: establish organizational goals, policies and procedures, direct and oversee financial and budgetary activities, introduce new technologies to the workplace, and consult with executives, staff and board members about operations.

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