Kiến trúc và Xây dựng

Do you ever look at buildings or houses and think about how you could’ve made it better? Or as a child, continued playing with blocks long after other kids had ‘moved on’? If your answer is “yes!”, then a career in Architecture and Construction may be for you. This exciting industry can bring you all over the world and will always keep you in demand, for as long as people need houses and buildings, people need architects and construction professionals.

Within this exciting industry, you have three separate Career Paths open to you: Construction, Design/Pre-Construction and Maintenance/Operations. Students on these pathways will learn the knowledge and skills that prepare them for further education and training, apprenticeships and college/graduate programs. You will be introduced to a variety of subjects, for example: Architectural and civil drafting, Environmental design and planning, Trades: Carpenter, Painter, Electrician, Construction labourer, Construction management, Systems and electrical engineering. After taking courses in architecture and construction, you can pursue further educational and training opportunities such as: Construction apprenticeships, College programs in construction management and architectural design.

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