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Cung cấp bởi: Coursera  /  Google Cloud

Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform

15 giờ / Dạy bằng Tiếng AnhMiễn phí 

This course covers the entire Industrial IoT network architecture from sensors and devices to analysis. The course discusses sensors and devices but the focus is on the cloud side. You'll learn about the importance of scaling device communication and processing streaming data. The course uses simulated devices in...

Cung cấp bởi: Coursera  /  University of Michigan

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

19 giờ / Dạy bằng Tiếng AnhMiễn phí 

This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience...

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